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      8w New Laslky Area ,New Maadi

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Enroll in ATIS Aviation Academic
Pilot Program!

Become an Pilot

Gulf pilot program

  • This program is required from airlines in the Arab Gulf countries and Far east
  • Types of licenses granted:

    • Private Pilot License
    • Instrument Rating
    • Night Rating
    • Commercial Pilot License
    • Multi Engine
    • Accreditation from: ICAO
    • Subjects covered by the European system EASA Duration: 18 months
    • Fees: Starting from 60,000 USD

    What are the conditions for admission - documents, the total/qualifications required?

    2 personal portraits - birth certificate - age from 17 to 32 years - the last required academic qualification (a certificate of success is required) - Pass the medical examination

    Accepted qualifications: High School and Azhar/American/British High School, Bachelor's or Bachelor's degree.