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About Us
International Pilot Program
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About ATIS 01

About ATIS

We are pioneers in civil aviation training SINCE 2012 through

our school in South Africa and one of our agents in Greece. Our academy in South Africa has graduated many of pilots working in various companies through out the world. We seek to be the best in the world through training in specifications International by Arab and foreign trainers, as well as providing a family climate for all students and eliminating any problems related to English

International Pilot Program 02

International Pilot Program

This Program Contains

International Pilot Program

*Our Prices Is Fixed Prices Including :
-Exams( Up To 3 Trails Per Each Subject)
-Check Rides
-Pilot Kit

Type Rating 03

Type Rating

This Program Contains:

1- King Air Type Rating ( Total Cost 10,000 USD )
2- Airbus Series / Boeing Series ( Total Cost 17,500 USD )
*Done In Egypt/Dubai/South Africa